GtkSourceCompletion Features


With a provider you can add proposals to GscCompletion and the library show the popup with your proposals and manage all the user keys.



You can set differents icons to each proposal.



You can assign a page to a proposal. GscCompletion will create a new page with all the proposals with this page name. By example, you can create "function" proposals and "symbols" proposals and show them in differents pages.


Proposal Info

You can set information for each proposal. When GscCompletion shows the popup, the user can see this information in the info popup by pressing <control>i or the info button.



The library has a GscInfo object to show calltips. It supports adjust the window to the text or set a fixed size.



You can see GscCompletion in action. This example show gedit-gsv-pluging and gedit-gsp-plugin using GtkSourceCompletion to show proposals for snippets and previously written words:


This screencast show gedit-gsp-plugin using GtkSourceCompletion to show symbols and insert it or go to the definition:


Advanced features

There are no screenshot but GtkSourceCompletion supports proposals filtering. You can show 500 proposals and, when the user writes some text, filter the current proposals without reload it again.

GscInfo supports set a custom widget to show the information. GscInfo has a GtkLabel by default by you can replace it with a web browser or another widget if you want.

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