GtkSourceCompletion Homepage

NOTE This project has been deprecated. It has been integrated into gtksourceview >= 2.9.1. You can use this widget with a similar API.

GtkSourceCompletion is a library to add (auto)completion and calltips support to GtkSourceView. The library manages all events, the popup position etc. but it doesn't complete anything, it is the base library. You can develop providers for GtkSourceCompletion and the library will use it to show all the proposals, the information for every proposal etc.

GtkSourceCompletion has been written in C language using then GTK+2 toolkit by Jesús Barbero Rodríguez. You can help us to do GtkSourceCompletion a better library for all!!

GtkSourceCompletion is hosted by and for the source code.

This is gedit plugin using GtkSourceCompletion to show snippets (and the snippet info)

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