GtkSourceCompletion News


GtkSourceCompletion has been integrated into gtksourceview. GtkSourceCompletion has been deprecated but you can use gtksourceview instead because the API is very similar. Thanks all the people using GtkSourceCompletion!!!


I have created the web page where you can read all the information about GtkSourceCompletion.


GtkSourceCompletion-2.0 started. I have changed the library version because tha API will change a lot to do it easier and GscManager and GscPopup will be joined into an unique object: GscCompletion


GtkSourceCompletion 0.5.2 has been released. This is the last release in sourceforge subversion repository and will be the last release of GtkSourceCompletion-1.0 because I will change the main API


Moved the GtkSourceCompletion source code to github instead of sourceforge.

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